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Swapped LJ Themes. For one reason, and one reason only.

Now I can see this banner on every page.

Lets be proactive
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I have a question.  It's a fairly important question, so if you think you have an answer, no matter how far outside the box it may lie, please respond anyway.  Please try and be honest.  I think anon posting is allowed on my LJ and I don't log IP addresses so go crazy.

What am I good at?

Reason I"m asking (short)Collapse )

Additionally:  Another question, equally important and possibly more useful (thank you erfalaswen for bringing to my attention!)

What are my weaknesses?

I realise that some people may not be entirely comfortable with sharing their opinions on this publicly, or particularly comfortable with sharing them with me at all.  If you are one of these people, it's probably *more* important that I hear your input, so please don't hold back.  I promise I won't bite.  If you're still hesitant, I've just changed the permissions on this post so Anonymous comments will be screened automatically, so if you don't want me to know who you are, or don't want anybody else to read it, make your reply Anonymous, and within your reply please indicate if you would object to it being made public.

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Transformers at the Imax
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Transport and pricing information (for Wednesday 10th October, 2:30pm showing of Transformers), for anybody interested:

Trains from Lancaster to Manchester:

(1)  Departing Lancaster 12:15pm, arriving Manchester 1:20pm (no changes)

(2)  Deaprt Lancaster 12:29, arrive at Preston 12:46.  Change train, depart Preston at 1:08, arrive Manchester 1:57pm

I would suggest taking the 12:15 from Lancaster, as it means we get to hang out in Manchester a little beforehand (and possibly go buy snacks from a sensibly priced newsagent), rather than having to wait around for ages in Preston train station for the connecting service.

Trains from Manchester to Lancaster (return journey)

(1)  Departing Manchester 5:11pm, arriving Lancaster 6:22pm (unlikely as the movie is billed to end at 5pm and the train station is a bit of a walk away)

(2)  Departing Manchester 5:50pm, arriving Lancaster 6:53pm

(3)  Departing Manchester 5:58pm, arriving Lancaster 7:04pm

A day return to Manchester is about £8 with a railcard, £10-ish without.  The cinema itself costs £4 with a student card, £6 for real people.

If you want to come, turn up at the train station at about noon on Wednesday with some money.

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Ok, ok.

Spiderman 3

Fucking hilarious.  Seriously.  Go watch it.  Even if you don't like Spiderman (maybe especially if you don't like Spiderman).  It had me giggling manically all the way through.
Speaking as a longtime fan of the character and collector of the comics, and also a longtime fan of the works of Sam Raimi, this has my seal of approval as a fine, fine piece of entertainment.

It may even be better than this.

Meh to Infinity
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Dug up my phone again yesterday.  Wish I hadn't bothered.

Got caught unawares by a call from a withheld number and answered without thinking.

Was my mother.

Going to go and buy chocolate and frazzles.

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For whats left of Valentines day, have a lovesong with a twist. Steve would like this to be a duet between Mike and Calum, with Mike being the white guy. Watch it, you'll understand.

I Blame James Woods
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Two pieces of music history...

So...  Who remembers Crazytown?

And *that* Another Level song.

The series of events that led me to these is so odd I thought I'd share it.  It began with me looking up James Woods after watching an episode of Family Guy, and as I was poking around on Wikipedia I discovered that he was the voice of Hades in the Disney Hercules movie.  After looking up the Hercules movie itself (I was looking for Hades clips, unfortunately there weren't any), I found out that the main animation guy also contributed to that fucked up Pink Floyd video - so in turn I looked it up on YouTube.  After that, I was musing over other animated rock videos, and remembered Korn's "Freak on a Leash" with all the Todd MacFarlane stuff in it.  This gave me a general craving to look up all those crappy late 90's Nu-Metal bands that were overplayed on MTV2 - I found Limp Bizkit (man Rollin is a funny song), and Linkin Park (and I still don't understand the flying whales).  Then I remembered Video 1, and how important it was to an entire years worth of sexually curious teenagers.  Which led me to Video 2.

On an unrelated note, searching for James Woods also ended up with me watching Gwen Stefani perform Hollaback Girl at the 2005 teen choice awards.  If you can work out the logical train of thought that led me there (believe me, there is one), you will go up in my esteem.

The internet is a strange thing.

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And so I'm still awake at 6:30am.  Again.

Whiled away most of the night poking forums and playing Mah Jong Solitaire (I say playing, I mean losing.  I swear, I'm never betting real money on a game that requires any level of skill or attention, ever.  But the tile set is confusing me, of COURSE the spaceship thing matches the riceflower, it's perfectly obvious)

This is perhaps not the best use of my time, but what the hell.

I'm not sure why I've been averaging 4/5 hours sleep between the hours of 6am and noon recently.  I can hazard some guesses, but none of them are really good enough reasons.  I'm ill, I'm stressing out a lot over things I can't really do much about, and I don't have any particular reasons to not stay up all night and sleep all day except perhaps the urge to see daylight.  Still doesn't really explain why, nor why I often wake up after four hours sleep still feeling utterly knackered but unable to get back to sleep.

Tempted to just stay up now.  Though last time I tried I was falling asleep in my chair by 9am.  We'll see.


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